Why call us

We are proud about what sets Market Focus apart vs. other qualitative research suppliers.

We’re Vetted

Market Focus has been trusted hundreds and hundreds of times by the country’s top marketers to uncover insights for their high-profile brands. In fact, Anheuser-Busch, Nestle-Purina, and Pepsi, have each trusted Market Focus to conduct more than 400 focus groups for their brands. This long-standing confidence is driven by continuously delivering quality work.

Our Expertise

We get it. We understand our clients because we have all been clients. Every consultant at Market Focus has worked for a Fortune 100 company. That allows us to understand the issues you are facing, explore the alternatives, and deliver meaningful and actionable recommendations.

Our Versatility

Few qualitative research companies can offer the versatility that Market Focus does. Whether it’s English or Spanish; in-person or digital; domestic or international; small project or large, our wide-ranging capabilities and our adeptness on a range of approaches and methodologies allows us to effectively deliver on your project objectives.


Our Service

We are proud to be a boutique agency. With Market Focus, clients won’t be speaking with a VP-New Business or meeting Moderator X on the day of your project. One of our Senior Executives will be working with you from your initial call to your final debrief. We are unabashed micro managers who take tremendous pride on the superior product and service we provide.