What we do

For more than two decades, Market Focus has been developing innovative qualitative research studies that deliver results-driven insights. During this time, we have established a strong expertise in a variety of research methodologies that allow us to utilize the optimal approach for delivering on your project’s objectives.

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Focus Groups

Often the “go-to” qualitative approach which allows for rich dialogue among 6-8 like-minded consumers about their beliefs, perceptions, and opinions. By viewing live, clients can often adapt the line of questioning or optimize the stimulus being presented from one focus group to the next. This methodology is often utilized for advertising development, concept evaluation and refinement, brand audits, assessing brand imagery, and packaging exploration, among many other issues.

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In-Depth Interviews (in-person and webcam)

When topics are more sensitive in nature or the client desires to do a “deep dive” on the consumer or brand, this is the preferred methodology. In a typical 45-minute – one-hour interview, we have time to connect with the respondent on an emotional level and better understand consumers’ lifestyles and values, their life goals, their personal connections with certain brands, and their paths to purchase.

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Online Bulletin Boards / Digital Communities

Having conducted communities that have ranged from three days to eight weeks, we have found that this approach allows consumers to openly express themselves at a convenient time and from a convenient location via any combination of text, photos, and/or video. This is an effective methodology for obtaining national representation or recruiting consumers in low incidence categories. It’s also ideal for studies that require longitudinal feedback


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Ethnographies (in-person and digital)

Entering consumers’ environments provides a unique peek into their lives … where they live, how they live, what things get them excited, their family dynamics, where/how they store products, when they utilize certain products, etc. These physical or virtual home visits allow clients to develop products, packages, and communication that more effectively connects with consumers on an emotional level.


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Point-of-purchase is where many purchase decisions are made. This methodology provides insight into how consumers navigate a store, how they shop the shelves, what stimuli or communication draws their attention, what promotions impact their decision, and what ultimately gets placed into their carts.

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Quant/Qual Real Time

When clients have to make a quick decision, this is often the methodology of choice. Blending a healthy dose of quant with a healthy dose of qual, an average of 100 consumers/day quantitatively evaluate a product/service/concept/package/advertisement. The instantaneous quant results provide fodder for the qualitative breakout discussions to better understand the elements that resonated, as well as the optimization opportunities.

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Telephone Interviews

This is a very cost-efficient approach to speak with consumers or business executives and have them share their experiences about a range of services or brands. This methodology is ideal for a niche target, while also allowing for national representation. Clients are welcome to listen to the interviews live or at a later time, since the conversations can be recorded.

Since its inception, Market Focus has provided these services in North America among the General and Hispanic markets, as well as throughout Latin America.